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Cloud Sites Timeout on CMS Install

Load balancers usually have a limit on how long a TCP connection will remain open to a web server before timing out on the connection. With Cloud Sites in particular, the load balancer will time out on an HTTP response if the PHP code does not send output to the browser for 30 seconds. After […]

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Rackspace Cloud DNS API Interface This zip file contains a php web application to give a GUI interface to the Rackspace Cloud DNS API. It requires Linux, PHP, and curl be installed on the server it runs on. Just unzip the files and upload them to a web server, then hit them with your browser to get started. I […]

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Limiting a Cron Job to a specific day of the week in Cloud Sites

The Cloud Sites control panel does not have a built in option to run a cron job only on a certain day of the week. There are cases where you would like a job to only run on a certain weekday such as a weekly mailout or a weekend maintenance script. There is an option […]

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Listing files modified on a certain day

You can retrieve a list of files that were last modified yesterday in a wide variety of ways with scripting languages. The “find” command would probably be the simplest method in Linux by using the mtime option like so: #find -maxdepth 1 -mtime +1 -mtime -2 The find command is disabled however in Cloud Sites […]

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